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mother & daughter of the bride
mother & daughter of the bride

When you visit Lake Tahoe to celebrate your wedding, honeymoon, or anniversary, you are insuring that your special day will be even more memorable. Romantic elopement or wedding for 200 guests at a country club, Lake Tahoe is the perfect destination. Perhaps the most important oversight of many couples is preserving the moment with pictures.

flower girl
flower girl

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive. Photographers are not cheap. You may be thinking about asking your friends and family to pull out their smart phones and capture the day. Good idea as long as you also hire a great Lake Tahoe photographer. It is difficult to plan a wedding in a location that you only visit but do not live. I would like to give you a little local advice when it comes to finding a photographer. Hire Makena Snipes.  She is talented, imaginative and reasonably priced.

Makena Snipes Photography
Makena Snipes Photography

My friends Liz & Zach were married here in Tahoe in March of 2010. It was beautiful ceremony. As if on cue, snow flurries floated down as they were leaving the church. Their wedding reception at Riva Grill was a huge success.    Liz & Zach hired a wedding photographer and videographer from the local area to preserve the moments of their wedding. The wedding photographer disappeared between the ceremony and the reception and the videographer never showed up.

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No picture available

My sister eloped to Tahoe to get married many years ago. Our friends got married on a vista overlooking Emerald Bay and had their reception at the Beacon Bar & Grill in Camp Richardson. The list goes on and on. Tahoe celebrations are truly exceptional. Keep the regret from your upcoming event by finding a good photographer.

50 year later....
50 year later….

My parents came to Lake Tahoe for their honeymoon 50 years ago and then came back to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in June. Their parents (my grandparents) are no longer with us, but their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were all in attendance. When my parents left the Bay Area for their Tahoe honeymoon 50 years ago, my grandmother gave them a picnic basket filled with fried chicken, potato salad and champagne. My siblings and I attempted to recreate the meal for their 50th Wedding Anniversary luncheon at my home.

Oh happy day:)
Oh happy day:)

I wanted to make sure that the memories of my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary were carefully captured so I hired a young local photographer to memorialize the day. Makena Snipes is a student at Whittell High School and a very talented photographer. She has been doing outdoor photo shoots for Senior Pictures for the past couple years and has branched out into sporting and family events. Samples of her work can be found at: Makena Snipes Photography (and on this page). Have your friends and family take lots of pictures. Set up a DropBox account (it’s free) and have everyone drop their digital photos in to share. Makena will give you digital copies of all your photos. Place those in the DropBox too.  You can also place videos in your DropBox account. Then everyone can relive and share in the memories.

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I highly recommend you consider hiring Mackena Snipes  when looking for a Lake Tahoe photographer.

Below you will find a list of venues for Lake Tahoe weddings. If you a bakery, the best bakery in Lake Tahoe is Sugar Pine Bakery in South Lake Tahoe. Please leave any questions or comments above. I will get back to you right away. Come experience the hospitality of Lake Tahoe.

Historic Venues

Valhalla –

Ehrmann Mansion –

Thunderbird Lodge –

Vikingsholm –

Gatekeepers Museum

Outdoor Venues

Heavenly –

Homewood –

Regan Beach

Round Hill Pines Resort

Tahoe Paradise Park ––events.html

Revive Coffee & Wine Gardens –

Cruises and Country Clubs

Wedding Cruises –!wedding-cruises/c1u4u

Edgewood Golf Course –

Lake Tahoe Golf Course –

Resorts & Lodges

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort –

Granlibrakken Tahoe –

Zephyr Cove Resort

The Chateau at Incline Village –

Big Water Grille –

The Ridge Tahoe Resort –

North Tahoe Events Center –

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel –

Mont Bleu Resort Casino –

Beach Retreat and Lodge –

The Landing Resort & Spa –

Camp Richardson Resort