Life is Sweeter in Incline Village – Incline Village Lake Tahoe

Life is sweeter when you visit Lake Tahoe.

Ernie Feld is the head pastry chef and owner of Ernie’s International Pastries in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe. He has been operating his successful bakery in Incline Village since 1976. Come try a Poppy Seed Strudel, one of his specialties.

Ernie Feld
Ernie Feld

Ernie learned to cook in Lucenec, Czechoslovakia, where he was born in 1925. Yes, Ernie is 91 years old. Ernie’s mother ran a restaurant in town. In 1942 the Nazis rounded up all the Jews in Czechoslovakia, including young Ernie.

Ernie's Bakery
Ernie’s Bakery

As a teenager Ernie baked exclusively for the Third Reich who held him captive during World War 2.  Ernie had a skill the German’s valued and requested that the Germans send him additional captives to work in his kitchen, saving many souls from certain death.  During Ernie’s time in captivity many other members of his family were sent to Auschwitz and never seen again.

Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating

Ernie has been feeding the residents and visitors of Incline Village, Lake Tahoe since 1976. He speaks seven languages and is often asked to take a picture with young tourists. Ernie is ready for a little relaxation and has put his business up for sale.  To read the full story of Ernie Feld visit the Las Vegas Review Journal. To try one of his treats, visit Ernie’s International Pastries, 120 Country Club Drive,  Incline Village.

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3 thoughts on “Life is Sweeter in Incline Village – Incline Village Lake Tahoe”

  1. You got me at Poppy Seed Strudel ! But really, this is a magical story.Their story is deep and inspirational. I love family run businesses, and this one truly takes the cake. A long successful business after hardship. So glad you shared this article. And bless Ernie for his passion and skills that saved others.

  2. Wendy, what a lovely story. I hope whoever buys the bakery keeps the theme and includes Ernie’s story. Such courage from a boy.

    My mouth drools at the sound of his pastries. And the one photo surrounded by trees makes the place look like a wonderful place to relax with a pastry and a cup of coffee.

    Unfortunately I will never get there but I can always dream about it.


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