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You are enjoying beautiful Lake Tahoe and all it has to offer. What could possibly add to your current pleasure – a bike ride! You don’t want to get back in your car and hassle your way across unfamiliar terrain when your goal is to spend time soaking up the great outdoors. Travel by bicycle and do both – enjoy the great outdoors while exploring new scenery.

Lake Tahoe Bike Rentals

Tahoe Bike Company is located right in the heart of Lake Tahoe by El Dorado Beach, the Commons, and Campground by the Lake. You can rent bicycles of all shapes and sizes. Beach cruisers are the heart of this Lake Tahoe bike rentals company. You can also rent electric bicycles, surreys, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, children’s bikes and trailers. The cost to rent a beach cruiser for a day is $45. Perhaps you would like to rent a beach cruiser for the weekend, you are looking at closer to $100 bucks. Worth it? Absolutely. Look around Lake Tahoe at all the people, locals and tourists, out riding their bikes both owned and rented. Tahoe Beach Cruisers even delivers your rentals to your hotel or campsite or vacation rental.

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Perhaps vacation is a good time to try out a new bike and see if you would like to purchase one. You can rent a beach cruiser from any Lake Tahoe bike rentals business at the cost of about $300 for the week. You can also purchase a very nice beach cruiser for $300 and take it on every vacation. My children’s favorite places to vacation are those places that are bicycle friendly. It’s a great way to meet people and make friends. Cycling is not only fun, it is good exercise. Let stress slip away as you cruise along Lake Tahoe’s shores with the breeze in your hair. For more information about renting a bike from Tahoe Bike Company visit: For more information about finding the right beach cruiser visit: Beach Cruisers – Finding the Best Inexpensive Cruisers.

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6 thoughts on “To Buy or Not To Buy – Lake Tahoe Bike Rentals”

  1. Wendy,
    Loved reading this article. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful but I usually go during the winter, definitely not the time to rent a bike! Where are some of the best places you recommend biking around? I have biked around Squaw Valley in the Summer but thats it! Let me know, thanks!

    1. My favorite spot for a leisurely bike ride is through the Lam Watah Meadow, from Pineridge Road to Nevada Beach, on the Nevada side of the state line. This is a very easy bike ride even for children. There are historical markers along the way and bathrooms at Nevada Beach and the trail entrance. To get there go out of California into Nevada on Highway 50 about one mile to Kahle Road. Take a left on Kahle, then an immediate right into the parking lot at the trail head. If the parking lot is full, you can turn around and go the opposite direction on Kahle Road, crossing Highway 50, on up to the Kahle Community Center. There is plenty of parking and you can ride your bike back to the trail head. Dogs are welcome. For more information about biking trails in Lake Tahoe visit:

  2. Enjoyed your articles on the various locations around Lake Tahoe for hiking and destinations. Very well written and informative. As I like bread with every meal I will be trying the ‘Sugar Pine Bakery’ when I next visit Lake Tahoe.

    Your articles have opened my eyes as to other pursuits available at Lake Tahoe making it a much better destination trip than I thought. I have family all across Nevada and live in the Eugene and as access to the Cascade Mountain Range tends to make beautiful scenery common place, still Lake Tahoe does make it own case.

    Thanks for all the information and keep up the good work, Ken

    1. Thank you for the kind words. One thing we have in Tahoe that you will not find in Eugene are our snow sports. Perhaps a white Christmas could be in your future. A ski vacation over the holidays creates lasting memories.If you decide to come, I can give you some tips on great ski packages in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

  3. The photograph on the top of your website is absolutely STUNNING. I’m a Canadian who hasn’t been there, but I’ve definitely heard of Lake Tahoe as being a beautiful vacation spot… I may just have to put it on my list!
    My husband and I love to bike, and I think we’d enjoy checking out the area by bike, maybe even with our kids. Thanks for sharing the idea! Is it pretty hilly there, or are most of the roads/trails closer to the lake?

    1. You can take a bike ride that is pretty much level or you can choose a trail that rises 1000 feet over six miles. We have it all. Bring your family and enjoy our Lake Tahoe hospitality.

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