The Fairest Picture the Whole Earth Affords

The Fairest Picture video by Justin Majeczky – Click on picture to watch video.

Samuel L. Clemens first visited Lake Tahoe in 1861. His impressions of this heavenly landscape are memorialized in his book Roughing It written using his pen name, Mark Twain. Justin Majeczky created the video Fairest Picture, which beautifully summarizes the raw emotion Twain conveys in his writings. Come visit Lake Tahoe and enjoy the majesty that inspired Twain’s tribute to this stunning lake.

Fairest Picture wirtten by David C. Antonucci.

“Fairest Picture is the book Mark Twain fans and Lake Tahoe enthusiasts have longed for.” Written by David C. Antonucci, this single volume connects Twain and his beloved Lake Tahoe. 

Roughing It by Mark Twain memorializes his time in Lake Tahoe.

Roughing It was published in San Francisco in 1872. Rich illustrations bring this volume alive with both the wondrous untouched nature of Nevada and California, and the interesting cross-section of humanity encountered by Twain. Roughing It contains Twain’s personal narrative of his travels as a vagabond between the years of 1861 and 1866, including his time visiting Lake Tahoe. Roughing It is available in paperback or for free online through the Project Gutenberg. Come visit Lake Tahoe and see for yourself.

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