South Lake Tahoe Bakery makes the best Cinnamon Rolls on Earth!

Sugar Pine Bakery

Scrumptious cinnamon rolls
Scrumptious cinnamon rolls

The cinnamon rolls at Sugar Pine Bakery are nothing short of heavenly. Warm it up for just 5 seconds in the microwave at it will literally melt in your mouth. You better come early.  Sugar Pine Bakery makes everything fresh and their cinnamon rolls sell out before 10 am almost every day.

South Lake Tahoe Bakery - Sugar Pine Yummm

Let’s face it, everyone comes to Lake Tahoe to treat themselves and celebrate their lives. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and promotions of every kind are blissfully celebrated with edible treats. On vacation we usually purchase our baked treats after we arrive at our destination. Heck, getting to vacation in Lake Tahoe is a celebration in itself. Sugar Pine Bakery is ready to make your celebration just a little sweeter.

Rebecca’s 10th birthday

Sugar Pine Bakery sells much more than cinnamon rolls and cakes. Come by the bakery and enjoy a cup of coffee or specialty drink. Order a sandwich or some homemade granola. You find the most creative pastries of every type as well as childhood favorites like chocolate chip cookies. Don’t forget to get a loaf of fresh baked bread before you go.

South Lake Tahoe Bakery - Sugar Pine - Bread Board
Bread and sandwich offerings

Ask for a loaf of Tahoe Sourdough. Sugar Pine Bakery carries many fresh bread choices but my favorite is Tahoe Sourdough. No, it is not just sourdough bread made in Tahoe. Tahoe Sourdough bread has a real rustic consistency that melts in your mouth once you bite into it. It is great paired with soup or chili. I especially love that the server will ask you if you would like your bread sliced before they pack it up. They use a vintage bread slicer and package it while you wait. This keeps the bread from getting stale or dried out by sitting sliced all day.

anniv cake
50th Anniversary cake with matching cupcakes for the grandkids

Every special occasion in my home includes baked treats from Sugar Pine Bakery. If you have a specialty order – no problem. The artisans need at least a week’s notice for specialty cakes. I hosted a party for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary and of course Sugar Pine Bakery provided the cake. This cake was not only a dessert, it was the loveliest decoration in the room.

South Lake Tahoe Bakery - Sugar Pine - cafe
Cafe area perfect for having a cup of coffee with your pastry/

The service at Sugar Pine Bakery is without fault. Owners Jonathan & Teresa Argon are usually either waiting on customers or cooking in the back. Either way, they are at your service if you just ask.

South Lake Tahoe Bakery - Sugar Pine drink menu

Visitors commonly ask me to recommend a South Lake Tahoe bakery.  My ‘go to’ bakery is Sugar Pine Bakery in South Lake Tahoe. Sugar Pine Bakery is located at 3564 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, next to Herbert Street just west of Ski Run Boulevard.  The store front is not easy to see at first because is sits back from the road, just behind the Tahoe Hemp Company.  For more information please check out their website:

South Lake Tahoe Bakery - Sugar Pine store front

When its time to find a South Lake Tahoe bakery remember                      Sugar Pine Bakery and you will not be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “South Lake Tahoe Bakery makes the best Cinnamon Rolls on Earth!”

  1. all the baked goodies looks just so delicious on your website, I love baked goods but I can’t have any since I must stay away from grains now for health reasons.

    I will share your website with all my friends and family, they all are able to and love fresh baked goods.

    1. It sounds like Sprouts Natural Foods Cafe would be the perfect bistro for you to try. They features all natural food with organic ingredients. This healthy dining choice sprouted out of a juicing bar run by the owner’s mother back in the 70’s. It is a very popular choice for locals. To read more about Sprouts Natural Foods Cafe visit: You will find the cafe about two blocks from The Commons in South Lake Tahoe. I hope you are able to visit and experience our hospitality.

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