Three Rules for finding great accommodations when you visit Lake Tahoe.

1. Location, location, location

Lake Tahoe is an outdoor wonderland enhanced by beautiful resorts, golf courses and vibrant night life. Your first decision is to determine where your “base” will be. Lake Tahoe has 72 miles of shoreline and takes at least three hours to drive around, with good traffic conditions and no road work. To avoid spending too much time in your car, you will want to choose accommodations that can serve as a local base for all your desired activities. Our three bases for activity in Lake Tahoe are: South Lake Tahoe, Incline Village/Kings Beach on the north side and Tahoe City on the west side of the lake. If you want to experience solitude, the east side of Lake Tahoe has the smallest human footprint.

Three Tahoe 'bases' - South Lake Tahoe, Incline Village/Kings beach, and Tahoe City.
Three Tahoe ‘bases’ – South Lake Tahoe, Incline Village/Kings beach, and Tahoe City.

2. Type of Accommodation

Resorts, Cabins and Camping—oh my. Your accommodations should enhance rather than detract from your experience. If you want to commune with mother nature during our balmy summer months, then tent or rv camping may be the perfect fit. If you like to visit nature for the afternoon mixed in with a movie or some shopping, a moderately priced and appointed motel could be your perfect billet. If luxurious pampering is your goal, we have many resorts ready to meet your relaxation needs. Perhaps you are planning a week long get-away with friends or family. A cabin rental may be the perfect place to sleep, eat and enjoy each others company.

Cabins at Zephyr Cove
Cabins at Zephyr Cove Resort

3. Budget

You will be tempted to begin your search based on your budget. I have a large family and completely understand the necessity of planning based on the bottom line. However, Lake Tahoe is so large and has so many offerings, you may be overwhelmed by choices if you begin searching based on price. Perhaps the most important factor determining price is not the accommodation but the time of year. If you would like to save some cash while still staying at your favorite venue, come visit Lake Tahoe in the fall or spring. Rooms that run $500 in the summer or on ski weekends are only $80 in the fall and spring. Fall weather in Tahoe is ideal. Spring waterfalls abound in Lake Tahoe providing the most picturesque hikes.

Basecamp Hotel across from Heavenly Village
Basecamp Hotel across from Heavenly Village has offers an economical option.

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