Lake Tahoe Waterfall Hikes – Cascade Falls

Experience the majesty of Cascade Falls when you visit Lake Tahoe.

Cascade Falls top view

Cascade Falls is an impressive cascade, best seen in the spring. The trail leads to the top of the waterfall, where you can peer down very carefully over the edge, to look down at the cascade. Wow! The waterfall falls into Cascade Lake, and there is a great view at the top of Cascade Lake, with Lake Tahoe in the background. There is no clear view of the entire length of the waterfall, except for occasional long distance glimpses of it from along the trail. We managed to scramble along the cliff at the top of the waterfall to get a somewhat decent view. A word of warning accompanies this Lake Tahoe waterfall hike: this trail is very busy.

Cascade Falls side view

Directions: Along Hwy #89, at Bayview campground, 7.5 miles northwest of Hwy #50 junction at South Lake Tahoe. The trail head is at the far end of the campground.

Cascade falls map

Location: Highway 89, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Height: ~200 ft.

Access: pedestrians & leashed animals

Distance: 1.4 miles (RT)

Elevation: 6900 ft. (-150 ft.)

Season: Apr-Jul

Difficulty: easy

Lat/Long: 38.93505N, 120.10003W

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