Fine Drinks, Good Company & Great Ambiance

I am so excited to tell you all about my latest discovery!

Revive Coffee & Wine - sign

Revive Coffee & Wine provides specialty coffee drinks, local craft beer, local & regional wines, and small plate appetizers in an intimate cottage with storybook gardens.  Revive has the perfect blend of relaxing environment and restorative nourishment.

Revive Coffee & Wine - front garden

The ambiance at Revive is truly unique. The building is an old Tahoe style house with rock fireplace where patrons can partake in a game of chess while enjoying their drinks.

Revive Coffee & Wine - Fireplace

The front gardens have the look of an upscale beer garden, similar to the ones you find along the countryside bicycle routes in Germany. Wine barrel tables and stools are gathered in groups across the landscape, waiting for friends to gather. The rear garden is my favorite. This whimsical oasis travels along a meandering path with groups of patio tables scattered about.

Revive Coffee & Wine - Rear gardens

“I have enjoyed great health at a great age because every day since I can remember, I have consumed a bottle of wine – except when I have not felt well. Then I have consumed two bottles.”                  (Bishop of Seville)

Revive Coffee & Wine - 2015 Sauvignon BlancRevive Coffee & Wine - 2015 Sauvignon BlancRevive Coffee & Wine - 2 wine glasses

Revive Coffee & Wine opened exactly two weeks ago. Revive is located at 3135 Harrison Avenue in South Lake Tahoe, along the highway 50 frontage road across from The Campground by the Lake;  If you are looking a location with charm, friendly service, and quality local food offerings, you’ve found it!

map of Revive Coffee & Wine location

10 thoughts on “Fine Drinks, Good Company & Great Ambiance”

  1. Revive Coffee & Wine certainly looks and sounds like an awesome place to go because where I live, we don’t have anything like this. 🙁

    I also love the fact that people have the option to do standup paddling and the beer garden sounds great. We sure have the countryside gardens in my country too. They are especially fantastic when the sun’s out.

    Revive Coffee & Wine has definitely been added to my list for the next time I visit the US 🙂


    1. You can rent a Stand Up Paddle for the day and then enjoy a beverage in the beer garden when you are done. It doesn’t get much better than that.

      I hope you are able to come visit us soon Neil.

  2. Hi there, this is somewhere I have not yet been, but Lake Tahoe is somewhere I would love to visit one day.
    The photo at the top of the page is breathtaking so if nothing else I would like to go for the view!

    So how did you discover this place? Did you just come upon it by accident? Usually when I go exploring and find such a gem as this, I can never find my way back again so it really remains a secret find until I can find it again.

    1. I am fortunate enough to live in Lake Tahoe. I was visiting El Dorado beach and saw the sign for this new coffee & wine bar. Revive is about 1 block south of the beach. I walked in, met the owner, and had a cup of Joe. The entire staff was very friendly. I plan to go back this week with my husband and enjoy a glass of wine.

  3. What a beautiful place, it’s a pity it is across the other side of the world. Maybe one day we will be able to come and visit your lovely Lake Tahoe. The way you describe it, it sounds so quiet and peaceful, just like here at home in Tasmania. Love your site, it inspires me to travel more. Cheers Tracy :

    1. One of the best parts of living in Lake Tahoe is getting to meet people from all over the world on holiday. Perhaps I will make it to your part of the world one day.

  4. I’m planning a trip to Tahoe with my boyfriend and I’ve bookmarked your site. We are definitely going to visit this coffee and wine bar; it is just our speed. I also really want to try stand up paddle boarding but I’m thinking when we go it might be too cold but we will see. Thanks for sharing and I really enjoy reading through your site.

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